Yoga is a unique form of exercise that provides a multitude of benefits to those who practice it.

At East West healing Solutions, our Palm Harbor yoga Studio is your destination to begin or continue your yoga journey. No matter what level of experience you have with yoga, you’ll find that our instructors are attuned to your needs, so you can receive the full benefits of our yoga classes.

There is a common misconception that yoga is only good for improving flexibility. Many also assume that yoga is only beneficial to younger individuals. The truth is yoga can be beneficial to anyone looking to increase muscle mass, improve posture, relieve stress, improve flexibility and balance, and even manage heart health. Yoga is also a great way to relieve pain, specifically in the back and joints.

At East West, we offer group classes, which allow you to experience yoga with other, like-minded individuals looking to improve their health, posture, flexibility and relieve pain and stress.

If you feel more comfortable practicing yoga one on one we can schedule private yoga sessions at our Palm Harbor Yoga Studio as well.

Contact us today at 727-216-3972 or at yoga@eastwesthealingsolutions.com to learn more about our yoga classes and our Palm Harbor yoga studio.

About East West Yoga - Palm Harbor Yoga Studio
About East West Yoga - Palm Harbor Yoga Studio