Frequently Asked Yoga Questions

Question: What is the point of doing yoga?

The purpose of doing yoga is to boost one’s physical and mental health in order to meet one’s full potential. Yoga empowers one to enjoy comprehensive wellness through feelings of harmony, happiness, and enlightenment. Yoga also helps one attain mental balance, emotional grounding and a generally improved state of physical health.

Question: Is everyone capable of performing yoga?

Unquestioningly, yes! Yoga is for every single human being, from kids to teens, parents, and grandparents. Merely practicing breathing exercises qualifies as engaging in yoga. If you have any sort of physical limitations, don’t fret. Poses can be easily modified to allow individuals with limitations to engage in yoga. Our Yoga instructors provide an array of pose variations so everyone can participate and obtain the many benefits provided by the yoga experience. You should have no doubt that each yoga class will build upon the last, allowing you to learn and grow over time. Keep in mind that there is no “good” style of yoga. Rather, yoga should be valued for how it makes you feel.

Question: Can inflexible individuals do yoga?

Too many people assume that yoga requires extensive flexibility. The truth is that even extremely inflexible people can enjoy yoga. Adopt and adhere to a yoga routine and you will gradually enhance your flexibility as well as your strength. Give your body some time to adjust to the demands of yoga and you’ll lengthen your muscles to the point that your range of motion significantly increases.

Question: How is yoga any different from stretching?

Do not confuse yoga with stretching. Yoga is not a mere collection of the warm-up stretches you perform at the gym. Rather, yoga is more about alignment, breathing and keying in on the body’s subtle nuances. The end result is an increased mindfulness occurring even during the most basic of yoga poses.

Plenty of yoga newbies are taken aback by the level of physical strain required during certain yoga poses. This is precisely why East West Healing Solutions recommends that you proceed at your own pace. Take your time and gradually improve your flexibility, harmony, and strength without pushing yourself too hard.

Question: How frequently should I practice yoga for optimal results?

Ideally, you will participate in at least three sessions per week. Some East west Yoga members engage in yoga upwards of six times per week. Those who commit to yoga will find that they really do experience life-changing results at a surprisingly fast pace. Stick with your yoga routine, you will eventually achieve your desired results. In the end, your level of focus and effort dictates just how beneficial yoga is for your body and mind.