How Yoga Can Help With Joint Pain


How Yoga Can Help With Joint Pain

Yoga is beneficial for many aspects of your life. It is an excellent alternative workout regime; it is relaxing, it can be used as a form of meditation, it can be used in rehabilitation, and can help to ease pain. People have been known to use yoga for joint pain as well. Yoga for joint pain is used for arthritic conditions as well as pain due to normal wear and tear. There have been many clinical studies done on the use of yoga for joint pain, and most people tend to find relief through practicing yoga on a regular basis. Here are some ways that yoga techniques have been found to help with joint pain.

Bone Strength

Many people do not realize, but your skeleton is continuously breaking down and refreshing itself. At one time it was thought that you have the same skeleton your whole life, but science has found that you actually go through about ten skeletons over a lifetime. This is one reason why it is essential to take your vitamins and exercise for bone strength, especially as we age. The better our bodies are able to reproduce bone tissue the stronger our bones and more resilient our joints will be. Yoga is known, and healthy bones produce strong joints.

Range of Motion

Your current range of motion plays a role in your joint pain. People that are not strong enough to have a good range of motion will find that their joint health will decline faster than those that work to keep a good range of motion in their joints. This is true in both cases of arthritis and normal wear and tear. For example, yoga can help with carpal tunnel. You get carpal tunnel from holding your hands in one position for long periods of time day after day. Participating in a yoga for joint pain class, you will build other muscles in your wrists to enable them to withstand being in the same position day after day without incurring damage. The same goes for knee, hip, elbow, and even neck or back pain. One thing to be aware of when doing yoga for joint pain is to be sure to tell your instructor about the pain that you are experiencing. Your instructor can then give you a special set of poses to do to help you strengthen those areas properly. The action of bending, stretching, and holding poses that you would not typically be in during a workout or during an average day makes full use of muscles that would not otherwise endure too much activity.

Increased range of motion and stronger bones acquired through practicing yoga will help you to overcome your joint pain whether it be arthritic or from normal wear and tear. If you are experiencing joint pain and want to try East West Healing Solutions yoga for joint pain classes, give us a call at (727) 216-3972 to sign up for a class today. We want you to feel your best and look forward to helping you find a pain free life.